NewPro + Ingage Case Study


New England’s top remodeler delivers customer satisfaction, one home at a time

Customer: NewPro

Industry: Home Improvement



Since starting as a small window treatment business in Medford in 1945, NEWPRO Home Improvement Solutions has grown into one of the largest and most trusted home remodelers in New England.

From energy-efficient windows to state-of-the-art roofs and elegant bathroom renovations, NEWPRO offers a leading combination of superior products and exemplary service.

Over the last 70+ years, the hard work of NEWPRO’s skilled staff – from the customer service specialists to the installers and suppliers – has earned the support of more than 250,000 happy customers throughout New England.

Customer satisfaction is at the height of everything NEWPRO does, as evidenced by the fact that it is of the most reviewed companies in the entire country. The company works hard to exceed the expectations of its customers, from the first conversation to the completion of each project.



Engage customers to stomp out PPT fatigue

A 20-year industry veteran, Director of Training Peter Ladd saw an opportunity to enhance its customer satisfaction in an exciting new way. NEWPRO had primarily leveraged PowerPoint to develop and deliver all of its sales presentations to customers. After noticing some “PowerPoint fatigue” among them though, Peter realized they could significantly improve the way his salesforce provides information and tells stories to customers. 

“I could see that people were getting tired of static PowerPoint slides,” Peter said. “I knew it was time to up the ante.”

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Increasing engagement, customer satisfaction & sales

Each NEWPRO sales presentation is categorized by four sections: story, marketplace, products and installation. The sales reps are trained to present the information in a very specific way and in a 20-minute time period. Built-in analytics tools allows Peter to measure the activity and performance of his sales team and adapt the information as needed.

If a particular sales rep is struggling to hit his numbers or getting cancellations, we’re able to leverage the Ingage analytics to understand why that is happening and fix it

For example, at the end of each week, Peter receives reports that show him how each sales rep interacted with the presentations throughout the week. He can see if a sales rep skipped pages or sections and how that impacted performance. Conversely, he can see how the proper delivery of the presentations correlates with making sales.

“If a particular sales rep is struggling to hit his numbers or getting cancellations, we’re able to leverage the Ingage analytics to understand why that is happening and fix it. On the flip side, we typically find that the most successful sales reps are the ones who are interacting with the content in the way we intended. The content, when presented the right way, is very effective and it’s translating to sales,” Peter said. “Most importantly though, our customers love it.” 

NEWPRO has primarily leveraged the iPad version of Ingage Presentations and is currently starting to use Ingage Desktop and Teams as well. 



Presentations that WOW

NEWPRO implemented Ingage Presentations in the Fall of 2018 and since that time, Peter has used the iPad app to create a new presentation for each of its seven product lines, including windows, doors, baths, siding and roofing. In some cases, he leveraged content from their existing PPT slides and in others, he started from scratch. Once a presentation is created, edits can be made on-the-go, with updates pushed out to all previous recipients automatically. 


“With Ingage, we’re able to add a lot more multimedia content than ever before, like a button to take customers to live reviews, time-lapse renovation project videos and before and after home photos. The free movement in our new presentations really grabs the attention of our customers.”

All of the Ingage presentations have been rolled out to NEWPRO’s salesforce of 50 sales reps and Peter led the training initiatives on how to deliver them to the company’s residential customers. He notes that his sales team quickly and easily adapted to Ingage Presentations.

A few features of Presentations stand out above all else to Peter. In particular, he notes the simplicity in creating a presentation, the ability to add quality visuals and the ease of editing are the most important improvements.


“In our business, people make purchases based on the quality of stories. Making the change from static PowerPoint slides to interactive Ingage Presentations allows our salesforce to be better storytellers,” Peter said. 



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