Meet your new digital pitch, Ingage.

Compass teams are creating interactive digital pitches, distributing them seamlessly to their team, and winning more deals as a result.


Showcase Your Sales

Highlight before and after imagery to create maximum impact.


Create Beautiful Pitches

Easily create presentations using Compass branded templates.


Fast, Simple, Easy

Drag and drop images and video in seconds to update a presentation.


“Loved working with the Ingage team! So collaborative and their tech is solid and easy to use. They definitely gave us an edge!”

- Mark Jovanovic, The Hustis/Jovanovic Team


“As a large team of real estate agents running around NYC all day, we understand how cumbersome it can be to halt your entire day in order to print paper documents. With Ingage, we are able to share, update, and track digital presentation materials on the go, without missing a step.”

- Marie Myman, The SR Team


“Ingage helped me stand out and win a listing pitch over two other top firms. The owner was impressed with the entire presentation."

- The Alexander Advisory Group


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