The iPad presentation tool that opens eyes and closes sales


Amaze for days

Your sales team will capture customers’ attention using presentations with touchable images, videos, product specs and branding that keep meetings moving.

Show on the go

With no wireless connection needed, the sales pitch can be delivered anywhere—from trade shows and conference rooms to event space and coffee shops. 


No designer required

Get the most out of your marketing content. You’ll be up and running quickly with flexible page templates and free stock photography and video that can supplement your already existing marketing assets.

Continue the sale

Emailing or texting the Ingage link to a customer’s computer, tablet, or smartphone makes a memorable digital leave behind and helps your salespeople look like rock stars! 


Actionable Insights

See how many times each story has been viewed and shared so you can learn what’s working in the field—and what isn't.


Success Stories 

Engaging sales materials help you stand out from the crowd. Hear from Ingage customers on how their business has been transformed and customer relationships have strengthened through the power of storytelling with the Ingage platform. 


See how we’re helping our customers leverage Ingage to stay ahead of the curve.