Meet Ingage Stories 2.0

Meet Ingage Stories 2.0, the iOS app that lets anyone build interactive, sharable presentations, portfolios and sales materials — no coding required.

NEW YORK, May 3, 2018 — Hello, world. You can stop complaining about PowerPoint now. Today, Scrollmotion, a global pioneer in interactive content creation, rolls out Ingage Stories 2.0, an iOS app that makes it drag-and-drop simple to create stunning touchable presentations and share them by text, email, even Facebook and Twitter. 

“Throughout our company’s existence, we’ve worked hard to make content come to life with touch,” says Scrollmotion CEO Alan Braun. “Ingage Stories is the culmination of everything we’ve learned in the past eight years building custom apps for enterprise customers. Now anyone can go to the App Store, download Ingage Stories, and instantly start creating their own sharable dynamic sales presentations, pitch decks, sizzle reels, portfolios—whatever their business needs.”

Studies have demonstrated that when users physically interact with content, that content leaves a deeper impression. Ingage Stories enables business people with no technical training to build interactive sales materials that once required serious engineering and coding skills. Jon Cordell, a commercial real estate executive in Chicago, relies on sophisticated digital sales tools to close high-end deals: “A lot of commercial landlords have built custom apps to generate interest in new construction,” he says, “but they run from $20,000 to $50,000 a pop. And they don't have Ingage's interactivity, which allows the pitch to be much more productive than a PowerPoint presentation.”

Ingage Stories is free, with a paid version with additional features such as analytics and email capture available for a $19.99 monthly ($199 annual) subscription.

Ingage has already driven growth across a wide range of industries, including fashion, real estate, film and fitness. “It has revolutionized the way we introduce new collections to retailers and new business opportunities” says Alyssa Miller, head of operations at Appaman, a leader in children’s streetwear. Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice, a recovery and movement enhancement technology company, says Ingage allows him to “present our innovative products in a way that consumers and buyers can clearly understand, and be excited about.”

While built on the iPad, Ingage Stories can be shared anywhere: The app automatically generates a responsive HTML version of each Story that can be read on any type of web-enabled device, with all its interactive features intact. And if the Story changes later, updates are pushed out to all previous recipients automatically.

About Scrollmotion

Scrollmotion is the industry leader in interactive content creation through its unique combination of software and storytelling. Scrollmotion is a member of Apple’s Mobility Partner Program, created to help companies leverage iOS in the workplace.

Look for the release this summer of a new Scrollmotion product for iPhone called Ingage Instants, which will allow businesses to create eye-catching video posts at scale, the next wave for brand building across social channels.

Download the Ingage Stories iPad app from the App Store.

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