Ingage Taps Dean Curtis for CEO Role


Oct. 2, 2019 -- New York, NY -- Ingage, a leading sales enablement software company, today announced the appointment of Dean Curtis to the role of CEO. Curtis replaces Alan Braun, as he departs to take on a new leadership role at Accenture. Dean has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Ingage since 2017.

Dean has an extensive background in sales, technology and product through his roles at Oracle, Palm and Apple, where he held leadership positions on the Apple Enterprise Sales team. Dean most recently led the worldwide technical and developer enablement efforts for Apple’s strategic and mobility partners.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to help sales and marketing teams create deeper engagement with their customers and prospects. Customers tell us that Ingage has allowed them more flexibility in their presentations, the ability to manage and measure the effectiveness of their sales materials, and ultimately is driving more revenue,” said Dean Curtis, CEO of Ingage.

About the Ingage Suite

Ingage offers a suite of tools that help sales teams create, customize and deliver branded sales content that boosts engagement at every stage of the sales process. Teams can quickly Create a new presentation or import an existing PPTX file; Share from any mobile device allowing users to capture attention by leveraging touchable images, videos, product specs and branding, and ensure all elements are up-to-date and easily accessible; and Measure to understand if content is being viewed, how many times and by what people, and adapt the content for better results.

About Ingage

Ingage is the industry leader in interactive content creation through its unique combination of software and storytelling. From its first foray into digital storytelling in 2008, when it was the first company to take children’s books and adapt them to the iPhone, Ingage has more than a decade of dynamic digital content creation experience. With extensive expertise in digital storytelling, Ingage is a leader in developing the industry’s best tools for sales enablement, interactive sales presentations and customer engagement. For more information about Ingage, please visit our website at