Ingage Launches Instants 2.0

The Fastest Way to Create Engaging Instagram Stories for Free

NEW YORK, March 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ingage, the leader in branded marketing content creation -- no design experience required, today launched Instants 2.0. Instants 2.0 enables businesses to create beautiful and engaging custom videos, using the speed and simplicity of the 3-step Instants workflow, in under 60 seconds. Downloadable free for iPhone from the App Store, Instants 2.0 offers more customization free of charge, including the brand new Instagram-friendly 9:16 aspect ratio, built-in templates, styles, filters, custom colors, speed control, branding, fonts and more, which is perfect for building vibrant, full-screen content for Instagram Stories.

“Our goal with Instants 2.0 was to create the fastest solution for building social media videos that can be designed and shared on the go. Our users were telling us that they wanted to be able to create beautiful and engaging content in less than 60 seconds, without having to tinker with an overwhelming number of settings,” said Alan Braun, CEO of Ingage by Scrollmotion. “With the high level of interest in Instagram Stories, we wanted to make sure our users had all of the compelling content features at a full-screen, 9:16 aspect ratio. We are very excited to unveil all of the developments that our team has been hard at work building, and we are confident that this will showcase the best user experience for unique content creation -- free of charge.”

Instants 2.0 by Ingage provides:

Speed: Combine text, pictures and video clips into animated social videos that are sure to stand out and get noticed -- all in under 60 seconds.

Beautiful Designs Built-In: Quickly use stunning, built-in animated templates with moving text and images, pictures and video clips for social media posts that get attention. Choose from more than 5 million royalty-free photos and videos from Pexels, Unsplash, and Google if you need some extra imagery. Make professional design choices quickly by choosing a style, a grouping of trendy colors and typography.

Custom Branding for Business: Create unlimited social videos and customize them to match your brand. Add your logo and colors for consistency across all your posts and stories.

About Ingage by Scrollmotion

Ingage by Scrollmotion is the industry leader in interactive content creation through its unique combination of software and storytelling. From its first foray into digital storytelling in 2008, when it was the first company to take children’s books and adapt them to the iPhone, Ingage by Scrollmotion has more than a decade of dynamic digital content creation experience. With extensive expertise in digital storytelling, Ingage is a leader in developing the industry’s best tools for sales enablement, interactive sales presentations and customer engagement. For more information about Ingage by Scrollmotion, please visit our website at

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