Customization with Control

Empower sales with personalized content while giving marketing the control they need. 


Distribute Sales Content Quickly

Ensure the right team members can quickly find the assets they need while maintaining control of the assets at all times through permissions and groups.


Always Up To Date

Eliminate version control issues by rolling out updates to content across the team automatically, with the push of a button.


Balance Flexibility and Control

Give sales the ability to tailor presentations to their prospects while maintaining control over your brand, product and messaging.


Supporting Features


User Permissions

Assign users permissions like creator, editor or viewer to maintain control over your sales and marketing assets.


Team Collaboration

Allow team members to collaborate on Ingage Presentations


Easy Account Creation

Easily create user accounts for marketing, sales and other stakeholders by important users from a CSV file.


Content Permissions

Manage content-level permissions and determine whether content can be edited, duplicated or shared.


Create Teams

Assign users to specific teams (like sales enablement, BDR, account executive) to put the information they need at their fingertips.


Revoke Access

Deactivate users and revoke access to content including confidential presentations and pitches when an employee moves on.


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